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  1. avatar Cristy dilks says:

    Putting on a 5k as part of a festival.we are a non profit and are looking to improve this year by having it professionally timed.

  2. avatar Sadie Deckard says:

    Hi we are wondering about a quote for you timing a 5k 10K for the University of Toledo’s PA program. Please let me know. Thanks!

  3. avatar Margie says:

    Need quote for timing a 5k Oct 15 for n9n profit race.

  4. avatar Dawn Conn says:

    I am looking for a Quote on Race Management for a Race at Ladywood High School in Livonia, MI on December 10, 2016.

  5. avatar Emma Monos says:


    Looking for a quote for a 5K in Ann Arbor for a non-profit. No details yet but interested in late Spring of 2017.

  6. avatar stephanie Mellon-Reppen says:

    We are again inquiring as to a quote for the Ladywood 5K on 12/9/17. Thank you!
    Stephanie Mellon-Reppen
    Race Chair

  7. avatar Jane Giannattasio says:

    My name is Jane Giannattasio. I am in the VERY beginning stages of an attempt to start a scholarship fund in honor of my son, PFC Michael Giannattasio, a marine who died this past August in Reconnaissance Training. He won the physically fit award with 600 out of 600 points in boot camp and was also in the top of his class in Recon training. My son was an avid runner and ran many, many races here in Michigan.

    I would like to have a race in his honor, since he was a runner, and help to benefit children towards their education.

    Could you please contact me?

    Thank you, kindly,

    • Good evening Jane and a much belated ‘sorry for your loss’ and thanks for the service to our country by you and yours! I will reach out via email to start the process! Thanks again!

  8. Hi! Our school Upland hills is having its first to be annual fun run/5k/10k this May 5th at Upland hills Farm to raise money for operation of our adventure playground ropes course so we may open it to inner city schools and other school that may not have an opportunity to team build in this way. We would like to schedule next years run and are looking at using your timing company. We were hoping to announce next years date at our race in a few weeks.

    Was wondering if you would be able to provide a general quote of what it would cost if we use your company for our race next year and if May 11th would be open for you in 2019? We have about 180 Runners registered this year so far for our first race. We are offering a 5k/10k and fun run this year.

    Let me know if you need anything else from me to provide a quote and if you are open that date. Thank you!!


    Shannon Carlson

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