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  1. avatar Cristy dilks says:

    Putting on a 5k as part of a festival.we are a non profit and are looking to improve this year by having it professionally timed.

  2. avatar Sadie Deckard says:

    Hi we are wondering about a quote for you timing a 5k 10K for the University of Toledo’s PA program. Please let me know. Thanks!

  3. avatar Margie says:

    Need quote for timing a 5k Oct 15 for n9n profit race.

  4. avatar Dawn Conn says:

    I am looking for a Quote on Race Management for a Race at Ladywood High School in Livonia, MI on December 10, 2016.

  5. avatar Emma Monos says:


    Looking for a quote for a 5K in Ann Arbor for a non-profit. No details yet but interested in late Spring of 2017.

  6. avatar stephanie Mellon-Reppen says:

    We are again inquiring as to a quote for the Ladywood 5K on 12/9/17. Thank you!
    Stephanie Mellon-Reppen
    Race Chair

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