Results: MHSAA Regional 6-1

Results of the MHSAA D1-6 REGIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP MEET hosted by Brighton HS and managed by A2 Race Management.
Sunset Ridge @ Huron Meadows Metropark, Brighton, MI
10/28/11; Weather = Sunny, Upper 50s, and perfect!

MHSAA D1-6 Regional Championship Results

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  1. avatar XC Fan says:

    Are you at all concerned or suspicious about the results of the boys MHSAA Regional 6-1 at Brighton, given that most of the top-ten finishers have barely managed PR times this season that fell within 30 seconds of their time at this event? Was the combination of an unusually fast field, course and weather day…. or short by 200 meters?

    • avatar A2 Race Management says:

      I’d be lying if I didn’t say we gave it 2nd thoughts but… The folks at Brighton have measured it several times to the point that there are now even 4×4 posts installed as landmarks so as long as the original layout was the measured 5000m, it should be a legit 5K. As you mention, there are other factors that could lend to the fast times though. I worked the meet and it was an absolutely perfect XC day:
      – Mid-upper 50s, no wind, etc. It was a picture-perfect fall day!
      – Competition was great with 6 of the top10 teams in attendance ( the top 12 runners could have all fit in a minivan for the first 2.5 miles)
      – results of peak training by coaches that really know what they are doing with teams that are historically very good and have running cultures in place
      – stakes were high, ‘no-tomorrow’ style thinking
      – great manicured course! trails in woods are gradual declines which are shielded from wind and path like. grass cut very short.
      All that being said, we do appreciate your curiosity and we take no offense with the inquiry! I know that I believe that the course is a honest 5K but in truth, I am only the guy who manages the races on the line that the host schools have provided! Keep runnin-

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