Results: MHSAA D1-4 Regional (10/26/2012)

Hosted by Brighton HS
Huron Meadows Metropark, Brighton
Weather: Partly sunny (?), breezy but dry!

MHSAA D1-4 Regional Meet-All

Brighton PROM-BoyScored

Brighton PROM-GirlScored

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3 Responses to Results: MHSAA D1-4 Regional (10/26/2012)

  1. avatar Rusty Hudson says:

    are you going to upload the Brighton PROM results from 10/25/12 to The Regional results are online, but was looking forward to the PROM scores, as well.

    • avatar A2 Race Management says:

      Yes, we sure are going to both upload to as well as to this site.
      BUT, before we can do that we are hoping that an attending coach will be able to tell us which of their athletes are missing from those very results. There was a runner that crossed the line but did NOT go thru the end of the chute and have their bib taken and recorded.
      I’d say check back tomorrow or Monday. We want to get them out there too!

      • avatar Rusty Hudson says:

        Great, I’ll be patient! Thanks for your hard work. I noticed that Jackson’s runners times are already entered on—they must have done that themselves.

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