Results: DDC Summer Track Series

2021 Summer Track Meet Series
Dearborn Divine Child HS

NOTE – any athletes that have an age of 99 need to be corrected!
Also, contact us to update club names, etc!

2021_07_28 Meet 5
2021_07_28 Summer DDC-5

2021_07_21 Meet 4
2021_07_21 DDC Summer-4
NOTE- For the 5000m & 400 Dash, We have finish order for the 5k and lane assignments for the 400 but the final times are lost due to computer saving issue.

2021_07_14 Meet 3
2021_07_14 DDC Summer-3

2021_06_30 Meet 2
2021_06_30 DDC Summer-2

2021_06_23 Meet 1
2021_06_23 DDC Summer-1

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