IPICO Chip Timing

In addition to the traditional ‘low-tech’ based process of pull-tagging for finish place, A2RM is pleased to now offer Chip based timing!

IPICO is a mat-based system with several options for recording both finish order and time.

Stock Chips* a re-useable shoe tag (size and shap of a dog-tag). This is the least expensive as it is re-useable which makes it environmentally friendly too!

custom-tags* a one time use shoe tag – these are great because they can be customized to the event including race logo or even sponsor image art if we are given enough time to process!

*a disposable ring placed on the back of the runner’s race ID bib

The IPICO system offers us a lot of flex in events that require chip starts, or events that include ‘splits’ such as triathlons.

Chip based pricing is more expensive than pull-tagging but is a great way to handle events of all sizes!

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  1. avatar Kelley crouder says:

    Hello! Our church is planning a 5K and fun run and would like to use chip timing. Could you provide me more info about pricing and what all is included. Thanks!

    Kelley Crouder

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