Results: End of Summer Classic

Results from today’s End of Summer Classic @ Huron Meadows Metropark, 8/31/2011 managed by A2 Race Management using RaceTab.

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8/31 End of Summer Classic

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2 Responses to Results: End of Summer Classic

  1. avatar Dan Nilsen says:

    I’m trying to find the team scoring from the End of Summer Classic. I can’t find it on this site or Am I missing it, or is it not available?

    • avatar A2 Race Management says:

      Dan – Thanks for the comment! You are our first one! As the meet is the first race of the season for most teams, we do not actually score it! Coaches who were interested in what the meet score ‘would have been’ were directed to apply ‘old school paper/pencil’ scoring techniques to arrive at it by adding the finish places. Thanks again!

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